Information about cell phone data recovery

Losing important files can be upsetting, especially if they are all inside a faulty phone. In today's world, it's more convenient to store various files in mobile gadgets. Pictures, music and other types of things can be saved or downloaded in a few clicks on cell phones. On the other hand, losing them is something that most people don't expect, particularly if they have high-quality phones. It is best to keep in mind that backup storage is always important, but you may also look into the suggestions below to know some faulty cell phone data recovery options.

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Retrieving from Google Drive

If your phone is synced to your Google account, there are chances that you can still retrieve some of your files. If you have activated the automatic backup feature on your phone, some of your logs will appear on your Google Drive, which you can access via PC. Though this may not restore all your files, you can definitely retrieve some of your business cards and other things that are stuck on your broken phone. If you haven't synced your phone manually to Google, you can download apps that can automatically sync your files to your Google Drive. This will save you from hassles in case something happens to your phone.

Contact Experts

If your phone is totally dead and local technicians can't seem to fix it, don't lose hope too easily. You can contact a Danish company called iExpert. They can be contacted via, but you will need to use a translator if you can't speak Danish.

Water Damage Hack

For some people, water damage is totally impossible to fix. Then again, not every situation is the same for all people. There are people who are able to get their files from water-damaged phones after drying them quickly and putting them into rice bins. Rice grains tend to absorb all the moisture from the wet phones, but it may take a couple of months to completely dry everything. After a few months of drying, the dried phones can be tested. If they charge and boot up properly, the files can be retrieved.


If your phone won't turn on but it isn't water-damaged, you can try plugging it into a computer or a laptop using a USB cord. This may enable you to look into the stored files on your phone, especially if you weren't able to save them on your microSD card. In some cases, you can download recovery software to your PC from your phone manufacturer's website and go from there.

These are some of the things that you can do if your phone becomes defective and you wish to retrieve your files. Equally, always keep in mind that even the best gadgets in the world are subject to wear and tear. It is vital that you save copies of your files if you don't want to lose them.